Deep Purple - Highway Star - Live at German TV 1972

Deep Purple performing Highway Star live on German TV in 1972

"Highway Star" is a song by the English rock band Deep Purple. It is the opening track on their 1972 album Machine Head and is the fastest song in tempo on the album. It is characterised by long, classically-inspired guitar and organ solos. Organist Jon Lord claimed that the organ and guitar solos were based on Bach-like chord sequences.

This song was born on a tour bus going to Portsmouth in 1971 when a reporter asked the band how they wrote songs. To demonstrate, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore grabbed an acoustic guitar and began playing a riff consisting of a single "G" repeated over and over, while vocalist Ian Gillan improvised lyrics over the top. The song was refined and was performed that same night. The song first appears on the 1972 LP Machine Head.

The very first live version released, recorded live for German TV program Beat-Club in September 1971.


Nobody gonna take my car I'm gonna race it to the ground Nobody gonna beat my car It's gonna break the speed of sound Oooh it's a killing machine It's got everything Like a driving power big fat tires And everything

I love it and I need it I bleed it Yeah it's a wild hurricane Alright hold tight I'm a highway star

Nobody gonna take my girl I'm gonna keep her to the end Nobody gonna have my girl She stays close on every bend Oooh she's a killing machine She's got everything Like a moving mouth body control And everything

I love her I need her I seed her Yeah she turns me on Alright hold on tight I'm a highway star

Nobody gonna take my head I got speed inside my brain Nobody gonna steal my head Now that I'm on the road again Oooh I'm in heaven again I've got everything…

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